Rythme du millimètre SB 38

Record Release

Edition Telemark, Studio Tilman Kanitz , ,

For me, making music is a meditative research process, moving in inbetween spaces. The tonal space I contribute comes in contact with the tonal space played by the pianist. They intersect and overlap, move apart: a spatial experience.

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Dark Shadow

Concert | Light

Asia Culture Center, Gwangju/South Korea , ,

Duo project with the composer and vocalist Sebastian Claren: electronic music and spoken word. Debut at the ACC World Music Festival (Asian Cultural Center, Gwangju/South Korea). Album release planned for December 2023.

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Gagokbounce: One by One

Concert | Light | Music | Performance

National Theater of Korea, Haneul Space, Seoul , , ,

Music: Sebastian Claren
Original Text: Theresa Hak Kyung Cha
Stage Direction: Tilman Kanitz
Stage, Light, Sound Design: Tilman Kanitz
Music Coordinator: Yoo Hong
Singer: Park Minhee
Played by: WhatWhy Art
Hong Yoo (Daegeum), Jieun Kang (Daegeum), Gina Hwang (Geomungo) and Woonshik Kim (Janggu)

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Eden I

Concert | Dance | Happening | Installation | Music | Performance | Theatre

undisclosed locations in Berlin , , ,

Something is lost here,
and we don’t know what it is.

Concept, Direction, Choreography, Production: Tilman Kanitz & Niklas Draeger

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