In April 2020 I started setting up my home studio in a former factory building in the north of Berlin. Since then I recorded and produced:

Ernstalbrecht Stiebler

Our music for Cello and Piano was released in Mai 2022 on the English label Another Timbre: the pankow park sessions vol. I  – Artwork: Chloe Firouzian

Our second release (01/2023) is on vinyl: Edition Telemark – Artwork: Aurélie Nemours


Stephan Szulzewsky

In 2020 and ’21 Stephan Szulzewsky aka Schulzky and I worked on two 20′ tracks of epic instrumental music and spoken word. The Album Treuhand77 will be released on December 9 2022: Treuhand77 – Artwork: Andreas Mühe



Based on field recordings (2021) I produced an album of obscure cinematic music. The vinyl release is in December 2023 on Edition Telemark – Artwork: Chloe Firouzian


Mari Mana

Together with the singer songwriter and the producer Mo Stern I worked on and co-produced an album of minimalistic music for voice, guitar and cello. The release is in late 2023.


Niklas Draeger

Together with the actor/theatre director Niklas Draeger and based on texts by Ludwig Wittgenstein and Pierre Guyotat I produced an album with electronic music and spoken word (2020/21): Auflösung


Biliana Voutchkova, Susana Santos Silva, Joanna Mattrey

In May 2022 I recorded a series of duo improvisations. They are released on Relative Pitch Records and bilianavoutchkova.bandcamp.


Sebastian Claren

Together with the composer Sebastian Claren I am working on electronic music and spoken word. The album Dark Shadow will be released in 2024.



The acoustic of my studio is designed by Mo Stern.

Microfons: Neumann U47 (vintage, tube), AKG C12 (vintage, tube), Mo Stern (U87, MC 900) Pre-Amps: Universal Audio (tube), RFT (tube) Speakers: Mo Stern